K3-Tent CAD/CAM. Tent structures design.

K3-Tent is CAD/CAM software for tensile structures design. K3-Tent is aimed at speeding up the project documentation development and enhancing the quality of free-form tent structures.

K3-Tent software provides a designer with an extremely vivid and most effective toolkit for modeling and editing any complex surfaces. Basically K3-Tent has a sufficient and quick form finding modulus, beautiful visualization subsystem, tools for tracing cutting lines and fabric patterning at staging phase.

K3-Tent software provides:

  • The sufficient acceleration of new structural design and development of the design documentation;
  • The inexpensive delivery of the final documentation;
  • The increase of the design productivity due to team working in an integrated information environment;
  • increase of the staff qualification and their innovation readiness.

K3-Tent CAD/CAM. Tent structures design

K3-Tent CAD/CAM system is a further generation of FABRIC CAD system. K3-Tent is based on a solid geometric three-dimensional CAD K3 and of algorithms developed in doctoral thesis by E.V. Popov, professor of the Chair of Descriptive Geometry, Computer Graphics and CAD Systems at the Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Invaluable support in system development has been rendered by Co Ltd «Kubantent», (www.kubantent.ru) who helped investigate the problem and have been testing and using the pilot version since 2006.

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