Main developments

The innovation and research center GeoS, Nizhny Novgorod was founded in June, 1994.

The company is the developer of the geometrical software and the supplier of the integrated solutions in the field of design automation systems (CAD/CAM/CAE).

Center GeoS has gathered among its developers the experts of the Nizhny Novgorod State University and the Nizhny Novgorod Building Academy. The developers have a wide experience in development of software products in the sphere of three-dimensional geometrical modelling.


The main Center GeoS development is a system of solid-state spatial modelling К3.

On the basis of K3 system there has been developped a program and information environment for development of professional user applications. The K3 system serves as a geometrical kernel of application complexes. Widely spread DBMS are used for data processing and creation of documents.

Center GeoS, Nizhny Novgorod has developed a number of programs such as:

  • K3-Furniture - the complex industrial application for manufacturers and distributors of furniture.
  • К3-Ship - K3-Ship - for ship builders and architects
  • K3-Cottage - for design of houses of milled logs and profiled beams

K3 brand software is successfully used by more than 500 enterprises of various industrial sectors from Russia and the CIS countries. Narkhozstroy, (Moscow), 78 Woodworking Plant N.M. (78 DOCK N.M.) (N.Novgorod), Wood traditions LTD, (Ekaterinburg), World of sports LTD (Novosibirsk), Okimo Company (Kirov), Rubidom Company (Krasnoyarsk), Wood Line LTD (Arkhangelsk), Podmoskovnije Terema LTD (Moscow), Ecomebel LTD Dubna, Sevapmebel (St.-Petersburg), Forema-Kitchens Joint-Stock Company (Moscow), Resourse Joint-Stock Company (Kirovochepetsk), Elekkom-Furniture as art (Ekaterinburg), etc. The full list of our clients can be found on our sites:






The major directions of the GeoS activities are the following:

  • Development and supply of geometrical software
  • Development of software for creation of user applications
  • Development and implementation of user applications including industrial applications
  • Adjustment of program complexes in regard of characteristics of industrial and trade companies
  • Optimization of enterprise operation by the use of modern information technology and methods of work

The main objective


The IRC GeoS main aim is to solve customer's tasks. Thus the client has to reseive not just a set of separate systems but a ready-to-use project and design automation technology. Center GeoS offers a long-term strategic cooperation. Within such cooperation GeoS undertakes both the delivery, technical support and consulting service of the software products.