To all log house industry professionals!

Here we present the unique log house design software intended for log house designers and architects. The software is successfully used by more than 1000 wood construction companies in Russia and around the world and has become the well known brand in Russian log house construction industry.

The software has Russian and English language interface. When working in English version the designer can shift from metric measurement system to inches and feet. In this case all the measurements and area calculations on drawings, floor plans and elevations are displayed in inches. The K3-Cottage software combines the user-friendly interface with the unlimited capabilities in design of houses of round and square logs. The designer creates the detailed 3D model and the system automatically generates the complete set of documentation required both for MANUFACTURE and ASSEMBLAGE of the future house. This set includes the specification sheet, the floor plans, the elevations, the cross sections, the developed views and the detailed drawings of all house details with all notches and joints. There is more than 30 types of reports/drawings available in the program. The whole list of produced documents can be seen here. 

K3-Cottage log house design software  K3-Cottage log house design software

The K3-Cottage system can be effectively adjusted regarding the specific needs of each construction company. The designer can specify the length of utilized work pieces, can set the profile dimensions, set the sawcut depth and width, specify the wood species and alter a lot of other material characteristics. More than ten types of log joints are at the disposal. All the joints are worked out both for round and for square logs. The logs can intersect perpendicularly or at the arbitrary angles. All the adjustments affect the resulting drawings and the material consumption calculation.

The great advantage of the software is the ability to quickly apply changes to the already created project with no need to rebuild it anew. At any stage of the project the designer can add or delete the log rows, lengthen or shorten walls while preserving their interconnections, change the log profile dimensions with preservation of the height marks, copy or invert the whole project or some of its elements. Presently, the K3-Cottage is sold via the international money transfer. We send you an invoice and when the money gets to our bank account we ship you the program by a courier. Paypal payments will be available soon. The program is shipped from Russia via an international delivery company, shipping is free to anywhere in the world. The software can also be purchased at Moscow Wood Technology Expos, information about expos is regularly updated on our site.

The K3-Cottage is supplied with the USB dongle hard protection key. This key looks like a small usb memory stick and is inserted into the usb port of the PC. The K3-Cottage runs only if the protection dongle is plugged in into the usb port.

The K3-Cottage commercial license has no time limit. When buying the K3-Cottage you pay only once. The purchase of K3-Cottage includes one year of free updates to new versions released. If you want to get the updates after a year from purchase, you need to pay the One Year Support which costs 12% of the cost of the program. We guarantee a 0-24 hours FREE e-mail technical support from Monday to Friday. But normally we help you faster by Skype or online messenger on our site depending on the availability of specialists