K3-Tent is tensile shade structure design software. K3-Tent is aimed at speeding up the project documentation development and enhancing the quality of free-form fabric tent structures. K3-Tent software provides designers with an extremely vivid and most effective toolkit for editing any tensile surfaces structures and tensile membrane modeling. Basically K3-Tent software has a sufficient and quick tent form-finding modulus, high-quality visualization subsystem, tools for tracing cutting lines and fabric patterning at staging phase. K3-Tent software lets to design tensile fabric structure of any complexity.

Here you can download «K3-Tent» tensile structures design software and use it For Free.

In contrast to the demo version you can create any tensile fabric structure, save the project, get and print all design documents as you need.

1. Download the Trial K3-Tent SYSTEM INSTALLATION PACKAGE from this page

2. Install the program on your computer

3. Make sure that internet connection is present.

4. Run application.

5. Further you can use K3-Tent software in full mode.

Watch video on YouTube to get more information about K3-Tent software and to learn how to make a tent via our software youtube.com



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Tensile fabric structures design software. There are no restrictions. Requires an Internet connection. To install: 1. Download file on your computer 2. Start - T73TrialEng_24-03-17.exe

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