K3-Cottage Free Trial Version for 14 days

To get access to the Free Trial version, please send a request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

K3-Cottage software is a professional application for visual design of log & timber homes and generation of house log manufacturing documentation. This software is for professional use only.

We also recommend to familiarize with:

To start working: 

1) Download the K3-Cottage Free Version distributive.

2) Download and install the Distant Connection Wizard.

- Two of the installation windows are not translated yet - just click OK to proceed with the installation.

- Leave the final Login, Password and Domain fields blank and click cancel not to connect at this time. 

3) Find the K3-Cottage Trial VPN 7.4 shortcut on your desktop and run it.

- Input the received login and the password

- Check the Remember Login/Password box.

- Leave the Domain field blank

- Click connect.

- The K3-Cottage Free version will connect and start automatically

- In future run K3-Cottage Trial VPN 7.4 shortcut to start Cottage trial. No more action required.